•      Zhejiang Zhuji ZhongTai Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. is a domest'ic well-known pulping machinery manufacturer in China, after 10 yearshard work we have won great trust and support from the new and old customers 。

     Zhejiang Zhuji ZhongTai Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. has introduced a lot of advanced technology and process from abroad into our own designing and machining. For thanks of many years of accumulating information and experiences, we have learned z lot of leading technology to produce headboxes for high speed paper machine and to strengthen our market position

     The primary products are headboxes that meet trim width from 1290mm t0 6500mm and working speed at 50m-1200m newsprint, writing paper, board paper and other kind of paper machines, and we undertake paper machine rebuilt. maintenance and consulting services for many domestic prestigious mills.

    Zhuji ZhongTai Paper Machinery Co, Ltd . is located in Pai Tou Twon industrial zone, 80 km away from Hang Zhou. the hometown of Xi Shi. 80 km It covers an area of 15000m2, and the workshops cover about 6000m2. As regards the transportation, ra11way. provincial road and express way all surround the company, so it' s very convenient. The company has 148 employees, including 8 engineering technicians. The designing department is composed of several advanced engineers with many years of expertise in the field of paper machining. And the company is furnished with many professional equipments for making headboxes, such as planer. milling machine. grinding machine. electric polishing machine and stress eliminating instruments.